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  • Appalachian Trail Kitchen Towel

    Vibrant colors showcase the 2,220 mile trail. New Hampshire features 161 miles of the A.T.


  • New Hampshire Kitchen Towel


    New Hampshire has been part of the Union since 1788. Featuring the color Granite Grey, the New Hampshire towel highlights the state tree the White Birch in the border.

    Background: Purple Lilac
    State Animal: White-tailed Deer
    State Bird: Purple Finch
    State Flower: Purple Lilac
    State Tree: White Birch


    • The first public library opened in 1833.
    • The first purple lilac was planted in 1750.
    • Old Man in the Mountain is the state emblem, but it collapsed in 2003.
  • Squam Lake Latte Mug

    Perfect for the chai tea and cocoa lovers in your life. The wide opening leaves plenty of room for your Instagram-worthy latte art.

    Capacity: 12+ oz.

    This perfect piece was hand-thrown and crafted by over 24 pairs of Artists’s hands in a second generation family pottery studio. Although each piece is amazingly similar, because each one is handmade, no two are exactly the same.